Dr. Lamiaa Shehata

Associate Professor – College of Media and Mass Communication

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  • Dr. Lamiaa has completed 23 years of academic work in universities in Egypt, the Emirates, and America. Since 2001, she has worked as a teaching assistant at Mansoura University which gave her educational experiences while preparing her master’s thesis on media organization management. More knowledge was refined during the doctoral stage, which was about electronic media.

    Her teaching experience in the United Arab Emirates in 2014 was a unique experience. Being an assistant professor of media at the University of Modern Sciences in Dubai until 2017 had a great impact on her future research directions. Overall, these diverse teaching experiences between Egypt and the Emirates helped Dr. Lamiaa crystallize her research trends and ideas about new media.

    Her travel to the United States of America was a new station in her scientific, research, and teaching life. It opened for her new horizons of cultural interaction with Western cultures, which had a profound impact on her direction of studying public relations in the modern era. Her teaching experience at American universities in Massachusetts was a new experience from which she greatly benefited, and it was reflected in her scientific research.

    She had the honor of participating in many scientific conferences in her field of specialization in the Emirates, Kuwait, Egypt, and America. She also participated in many scientific discussions for master’s and doctoral degrees as an external arbitrator in various universities in Egypt.

    Currently, Dr. Lamiaa supervises master’s students at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport in Cairo. By joining the American University in the Emirates since Fall of 2023, she is adding new experiences to her teaching and scientific knowledge.


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