Graduate Applicants are those who have completed their undergraduate degree and are pursuing their graduate studies at AUE.

AUE offers a wide range of unique and fully accredited master’s degree programs.

Before you apply

Step 1


Review the admissions requirements and the important dates and deadlines. The following conditions need to be satisfied by the time of admission for any of the AUE graduate programs:
Original copy of the Bachelor Degree Certificate, attested by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Applicants holding a baccalaureate degree from outside the United Arab Emirates should submit an equivalency letter from the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
Original Copy of the Academic Transcript, the Minimum CGPA required for university admission is 3.00* out of 4.00.

  • All Master Degree applicants who got less than 3.0 CGPA or its equivalent at their bachelor degree will be conditionally admitted to the university for one semester where they can register not more than 9C.H and should achieve a CGPA of 3.0 in their first semester, otherwise, they will be dismissed from the program directly
  • Students with Bachelor CGPA between (2.00 to 2.49) can be probationary admitted to the programs, and will need to take 3 remedial courses during their first semester and achieve a semester GPA of 3.00 at these remedial courses
Language Proficiency Requirements (English & Arabic)
Applicants should provide a valid copy of one of the following:
 TOEFL ITP scored 550 or above, (The TOEFL ITP can be taken at any of the accredited higher education institutions in UAE).
ORTOEFL iBT, scored 79 or above.
ORIELTS Academic scored 6.0 or above
OREmSAT English 1400
Applicants should provide a valid copy of one of the following:
 TOEFL ITP scored 500 or above, (The TOEFL ITP can be taken at any of the accredited higher education institutions in UAE).
 ORTOEFL iBT, scored 61 or above.
 ORIELTS Academic scored 5.0 or above
 OREmSAT English 1100
Applicants for the Master in Intellectual property, Master in Criminal Sciences, Master in Arbitration, and Professional Master in Sports Law programs should achieve a minimum score of 1250 in the UAE National Exam EmSAT – Arabic Test
“All new applicants for the Master of Business Administration program (MBA) should submit a valid GRE® (Graduate Record Examinations) test report upon admission, otherwise, they will be conditionally admitted for one semester where they have to sit for the test before the end of the first semester. Test takers should include the AUE’s institution code “2291” in their GRE® application to ensure their scores will be sent to the university”

All applicants should sit for the Entry Interview.
All applicants should write a one-page (250 words) personal admission statement in English.
Valid Passport Copy.
Valid Emirates ID.
Four Passport Sized Photographs (White Background).
Good Conduct Certificate (From Local Police Authority).

Conditional Admission

New candidates who are unable to obtain the required score for the English proficiency requirements stipulated in the “New candidate” part prior to their admission are conditionally admitted to the program in the condition that they achieve a minimum of a TOEFL ITP 500 or its equivalents prior to their admission at the university. Conditionally admitted students should fulfil the English entry requirements stipulated in the “new candidate” part before the end of their first semester at the university and can enroll at no more than 6 credit hours during their first semester. Students who fail to fulfill the above condition, will not be able to enroll for any further semesters until they fulfill the English entry requirements of their programs.

Important Dates and Deadline

Applicants should make sure they submit their application before the following admission deadlines:







Step 2

You can submit your application through the following link

Kindly make sure to read the admission requirements carefully before applying.

Step 3

Once you have completed the application form and uploaded the required documents, you will be given a tracking number in order to track the status of your application.

You will be receiving a confirmation

Email/Offer from the admission office as soon as possible.