Financial Affairs Department

Financial Affairs Department

The Financial Affairs Department is responsible for the organization, coordination and management of the University´s financial services. The department oversees the university budget and is responsible for the implementation of the strategic development plan. The Department aims to provide an efficient service to all AUE stakeholders that include students, faculty members and administrative staffs.

The Financial Department provides effective guidance on:

  • Student fees, discounts, scholarship, rents, handbooks, contacts, visas, sessions, semesters and on-line registration.

  • Staff payroll, settlement, end of service, expenses, forms, insurance, economic costing, contact, overtime payments and airfares.

  • College Deans and Department Heads: financial regulations, course costing, research accounting, management reports and budgets.

The Department diligently aims to provide timely, relevant, transparent financial information that improves financial awareness and ensures compliance with appropriate regulations, both internally and externally. The inherent intent is to reduce complexity, develop and inform staff and faculty members of a suitable financial operational strategy of the University, process staff salaries, associated payments, and provide students with information on financial matters.
For further information, inquiries, comments or suggestions, please contact the FAD staff on:
Tel Nos.: +971 (04)449-9026, +971 (04)449-9029, +971 (04)449-9028,

The Financial Department’s Key Strategic Goals:

Support and advise university relevant agency and bodies on financial and resource issues.

Contribute and support the development of the University strategically.

Ensure successful management of Internal Audit, Risk Management, and Procurement activities.​

Support and advise the Board of Trustees and various committees.

Ensure following the international accounting standards and appropriate practices.​