Software Development Unit

Software Development Unit

The Software Development Department provides high quality systemized solutions for business processes of various units of the University and transforms data into knowledge and wisdom. The team focuses its attention on the individuals and interactions involved because projects are undertaken by people, not tools, and problems get solved by people, not processes. Likewise, projects are accepted by people, scope is debated by people, and the definition of a successfully “done” project is negotiated by people.

Software projects are typically initiated with the goal of creating valuable, high-quality software and this is maintained long-term for reasonable costs. The department is dedicated in creating software solutions that will make the learning and teaching processes enjoyable and simple for both students and faculty. In order to maintain the organization and the implementation of the latest educational resources and the running of a modern institute, the department works hard in developing software for each administrative department, creating an integrated workflow. Lastly, the Department is in constant review of the University website making sure new students can find the easiest ways in connecting and applying to the programs in the six colleges.

Mr. Muhammad Atif
DSD Manager

For further information, enquiries, comments or suggestions, please contact the DSD staff on:
Tel Nos.: +971 (0)4 449 9201 – 9202 
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