Yes, American University in the Emirates is accredited by the Ministry of Education

AUE has an English Language Institute where students who could not achieve the required English score attend intensive English classes.

Yes, AUE offers a wide range of scholarships and discounts intended to support students in continuing their education. There are many types of grants (High School, sibling, athletic, corporate, peer, University grant)

There are two regular semesters per academic year (Fall, Spring) with 16 weeks duration each and two Summer terms with 6 weeks duration for each summer term.

Undergraduate Students with good academic standing and who fulfill all the admission requirements can register minimum of 9CH up to 18CH during regular semester.

Students at Graduate programs who fulfill all the admission requirements can register minimum of 6CH and up to 12CH during regular semester.

Classes are offered on weekdays and weekends (morning and evening) from 9:00AM until 9:00PM.

In principle, yes. However, transfer applicant needs to be eligible for admission and meet the transfer credit criteria as announced in the University Catalog.

Yes, prospective students and parents are welcomed to visit AUE campus and have a tour in all AUE facilities and meet with our academic administrators, deans and program directors.

Applicants should earn a CGPA of 3.00 out of 4.00 in their Undergraduate Studies, however students with CGPA between 2.50 and 2.99 can be considered upon satisfying additional requirements.

To be admitted to the graduate program offered by AUE, applicants MUST hold a Bachelor degree from an accredited institution.

Graduate classes are offered during weekday (evening) and weekend

Each semester is composed 16 weeks each.

Applicants who are holding Bachelor degree in different field than the one they desire to pursue their Master in; they need to take bridging courses. Bridging courses are designed to give the students the basic knowledge of the program, while the core courses are mandatory for all students and are part of the program.

The AUE career office work closely with the alumni (graduated students) and the corporate to place the students in jobs according to their degree of specialization.

AUE offers flexibility of payments to it’s students, students can pay cash or online. students can also plan their installment payment with the financial department

AUE will help admitted students in applying for a UAE residence visa. However, approval of visa requests lies solely with the UAE Immigration Authorities.

Yes, the residential hall are located 10min from AUE and secured with the very best available rates. All apartments are segregated with male and female residents living separately. The residential hall has a selection of public areas and also offers an extensively equipped gym, a roof-top swimming pool and study spaces.

Yes. The attendance is mandatory for all degrees and programs. Students who exceed the absence limit may fail in the course due to absences.

Yes. However visiting students should get their home university permission to study at AUE.

Yes. AUE provides transportation to all the destination in Dubai and Sharjah.

Yes, the applicant in this case will be granted a conditional admission and he/she will be limited to a number of Credit Hours and certain defined General Education courses and enroll in Intensive English Program to raise their English score.

Definitely. All AUE students are assigned full time academic advisor who are specialized in the same program that the student enrolled in.