Alumni Office​

Alumni Office

The Alumni Office helps and motivates former students of the American University in the Emirates to engage and build a lifelong connection with the University.
In support of the University’s aims to shape leaders in society, the Alumni Office provides graduates with a program of participation through events, community visits, overseas trips, clubs, career support and advising, reunions and a platform for networking with the worldwide university community.
The Alumni Office offers continued support that involves access to the University resources and affiliations and partnerships, as well as an open door policy to their colleges and program directors. In addition to this, the University keeps track of the needs of career developments by creating courses that help former students continue achieving higher goals in their chosen fields, which shape their pathways to better serve the standards of the University alumni.
For further information, enquiries, comments or suggestions, please contact the Alumni Office staff on: Tel Nos.: +971 (0) 449-9197, Email : [email protected]