Alumni Office

The Alumni Office is an integral part of the University’s ability to build and maintain lifelong alumni relationships. The Office is handled by an Alumni Officer who reports to the Student Services Director. The Office begins cultivating this relationship with undergraduate and graduate students in their final year at AUE to continue after graduation. By establishing and maintaining lifelong connections and developing programs to engage alumni with AUE, the alumni are part of the University’s past, present, and future.

The Alumni Office organizes annual gatherings, trips, and workshops for networking opportunities among alumni and other stakeholders. The Office gathers feedback from alumni through regular surveys to improve University services and academic programs. AUE alumni have a crucial role in supporting the University by proposing ideas and solutions to achieve the University’s Mission and increase the Institution’s local and regional reputation. The Alumni Office oversees the Alumni Association’s officer elections and connects the University to its alumni to ensure their participation in institutional decision-making.


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