Innovation in Technology

The College of Computer Information Technology provides a long-term focus on building excellence in its accredited programs and developing a quality learning environment for its students so that the mission, goals and objectives are met and the vision of the University is upheld. Achieving these goals requires resources to build and sustain faculty capacity, enhance student experiences inside and outside of the classroom, and improve the teaching and research infrastructure. The College aims to offer hands-on training integrated within the accredited Bachelor, and Master's Degree, which require students to be simultaneously and sequentially involved with diverse disciplines and concepts. The programs are structured to teach the fundamentals of disciplines, and to reflect changes in the profession. Currently, The College provides quality teaching that creates an environment in which interested students can achieve full potential and allow them to choose from a broad range of Bachelor and Master's degree programs.


The College of Computer Information Technology aspires for excellence in teaching, research, and community service.


College of Computer Information Technology strives to be an active community, national and regional member; being committed to graduate practice oriented specialists, and Information Technology professionals through novel computing and information technology programs. The college endeavors in applied research bridging the gap between theory and practice to solve computing and information technology challenges, and fosters innovative graduates that drive change. The College engages in continuous learning opportunities for its community.

Strategic Goal 1

“Offer quality and career-oriented academic programs to fulfill market demands in the information technology knowledge domain”


  • Enable students to understand, and attain knowledge and skills in various computer information technology concentrations.
  • Enable students to apply the current technology, and practices in the computer information field to meet market demands.

Strategic Goal 2

“Prepare students for pursuing their higher education to enrich their knowledge and skills.”


  • Prepare students to pursue higher academic studies in the field of IT
  • Equip students with the necessary skills for applying the latest technology in their day-to-day professional work and motivating faculty and students to adapt best practices from the industry for their projects.
  • Provide quality academic programs, and support services.

Strategic Goal 3

“Implement a professional, ethical and socio-technical approach to curriculum.”


  • Develop learning activities through comprehensive portfolio of curricular, and extra-curricular activities.
  • Illustrate the diversity of schools of thought within the information technology knowledge domain.

Strategic Goal 4

“Develop relationships and collaborations with universities, businesses, local and regional communities.”


  • Develop collaborative agreements with academic institutions for the purposes of intellectual advancement.
  • Cultivate relationships with businesses and the community to advance curriculum offering.

Strategic Goal 5

“Create applied research in the field of information technology”


  • Create a research environment, which incite faculty to excite their research.
  • Develop faculty research productivity.

College Advisory Board Members

Name Designation
Dr. Saeed Al Dhaheri Chairman – Smart World
Dr. Saad Harous Assistant Professor – College of Information Technology, United Arab Emirates University, Al Ain
Mr. Mohd Elayyan Director of Corporate Development Beta Information Technology
Ms. Hiba Hani Abu-El Soud ITM Alumni College of Computer Information Technology, AUE
Ms. Insia Abbas CS Alumni College of Computer Information Technology, AUE
Mr. Majd Salam Managing Director of Creative Designs Technology
Mr. Salah Hibbo Director of Hawsseb FZCO