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  • Dr Federico Triolo is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the American University in the Emirates. He is a practice-oriented academic and believes that marketing can foster positive social change.

    Previously, Dr Triolo has worked as a Founder or Account Manager in the banking and digital marketing industry in Italy, Spain, and Australia. Throughout his academic, professional, and international career, he has developed a strong interest in (digital) marketing and sustainability concerns, and supports the transition toward a more sustainable society.
    Dr Triolo’s research interests are related to consumer culture, digital marketing, icons and sustainability—all subjects that he has written extensively about.
    Dr Triolo has a PhD in Marketing from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia. Prior to this, he obtained a master’s degree in Marketing, Globalization and Culture from the University of Southern Denmark, where he also won an international scholarship to study at Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea for one semester. In addition, Dr Triolo has a bachelor’s of Business and Administration from the University of Bergamo, Italy, where he was also awarded a European scholarship to study at the University of Cyprus for one semester.
    Amongst Dr Triolo’s array of professional achievements, he earned a Good Teaching Score (GTS) of 100% while at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and has been the recipient of various international grants and competitions. He is a member of the Consumer Culture Insights Group in Melbourne, Australia, and the American Educational Research Association, based in Washington D.C.


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