Registration & Academic Advising

Registration and Academic Advising

AUE believes that the process of academic advising develops life and career goals through continuous and multifaceted sequential and logical steps taken by the students and their advisors, which develops student growth.

Students are assigned academic advisors who are full-time faculty members in the area of the student’s specialization, to assist them through course selection, schedule planning and approving final course schedule. However, it’s the student’s responsibility to select the courses to be registered each semester in respect of the course prerequisite.

With the assistance of their Academic Advisors, students should register before the beginning of each semester, and comply with the policies and procedures related to the registration, which involve the following main phases:

  • Academic advising
  • Selecting courses and registering courses online
  • Payment of tuition fees


Upon the approval of their academic advisors, students may add and/or drop courses during the add/period as published on the Academic Calendar. Dropped courses will not be recorded in the student transcript, and the tuition fees will be recalculated accordingly with no charges of add/drop.