Dr. Fatima Barakji

Assistant Professor – College of Media and Mass Communication

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  • Fatima Barakji (Ph.D., Wayne State University) conducts research on health communication at
    the intersection of interactive communication technology, social media effects and message
    design to influence attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. She also studies the use of text messages in
    mHealth interventions and has developed “communicative control” strategies targeted at
    restricting unhealthy behaviors detrimental to the management of chronic illness.
    Dr. Barakji’s most recent research examined mobile health interventions guided by her
    “construal model of communicative control” model in the management and improvement of
    patients with Type 2 Diabetes through mobile persuasion. Her research has been published in top
    journals, including Review of Communication Research, Journal of Family Communication, and
    the Sage Encyclopedia of Communication Research Methods. Her research has led to several
    regional, national, and international conference presentations.
    Dr. Barakji has a rich portfolio in teaching in the United States, and currently in the United Arab
    Emirates in both English and Arabic. She has taught multiple communication courses including
    Research Methods in Communication Studies and Public Relations, Survey of Mass
    Communication, and Public Speaking. In addition, Dr. Barakji teaches courses in the field of
    Public Relations including social marketing, strategic public relations, and organizational


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