About The Office of Research

Who We Are

“We are committed to quality, multidisciplinary research and career-orientated academic degree programs that prepare students for successful employment and continuing higher education.”

The AUE Research Office supports faculty members’ and students’ contributions to resolving current and future challenges of the UAE and GCC region through innovative high-quality applied research. The research agenda is aligned with the UAE’s vision, directions, and initiatives in parallel with AUE’s academic degrees and disciplines. The University aims to commit institutional support for encouraging and engaging faculty to accelerate national and international research achievements. Moreover, it aims to support scholars to study and analyze these issues, thus bringing together leading minds representing a broad range of perspectives and expertise. The University will endorse individual and collaborative accomplishments of its faculty, staff, and students.  

Our Mission

To offer a collaborative research environment in key strategic areas, in line with the UAE and AUE’s research priorities for economic and  social development and technological innovation.

Our Goals

Research Strategic Goal 1: To be one of the leading teaching, learning, and research institutions in the United Arab Emirates, and to promote spirit of research and discovery at AUE.  

Research Strategic Goal 2:  To support faculty members pursuing high-quality research driven by knowledge acquisition, innovation, and knowledge transfer. 

Research Strategic Goal 3:  To promote and support quality research and contribute to the University’s ranking and visibility pertaining to research. 

Research Strategic Goal 4: To expand research cooperation with other institutions, institutes, government agencies, and industries. 

Research Strategic Goal 5: To offer research assistance to students through research workshops and seminars on technical knowhow of research and encourage an entrepreneurial culture among AUE graduate and undergraduate students.

Our Teams

The Research office has 3 teams:

  • Research Support Unit
  • Patents, Grants, and Scientific Publications Unit
  • Ryada Unit