Information Technology Department

Information Technology Department

Information Technology Department is responsible for the provision and maintenance of the University’s information technology services to support teaching, learning, research and administrative activities. The Department’ staff are closely involved in Security, network, hardware solutions, software, system and web based solutions.

In providing services offered to all faculty members, staff, the student community and visitors, the Department sets out the details with descriptions and links, helping everyone be easily be accommodated with the latest technological developments at the University.

Information Technology Department has helped the University establish a strategic approach by identifying the current and future needs through its Website Policy that clearly demarcates channels of accountability and authority. It has also established in-house platforms Admission and Registration and Financial Affairs Departments and portal data warehouses for the American University in the Emirates’ library, students and faculty.

Mr. Hani Abdulhadi
IT Director

For further information, enquiries, comments or suggestions, please contact the ITD staff on:
Tel Nos.: +971 (04)449-9160 , Email: [email protected]

The IT Department’s Key Strategic Goals:

Provides IT consultants to take care of technical needs.​

Sets out aspirations to have a single unified and integrated infrastructure.​

Creates and ensure that IT infrastructure is centrally led and funded.​

Creates IT provision that contributes to research, teaching, learning and administration, student experience, management and administrative activities, in direct support of the University's strategic objectives.​