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AUE’s College of Law is where legal minds are forged and questions of justice, ethics and jurisprudence are earnestly discussed. Embark on a journey that prepares you to advocate, litigate and help uphold the law. Whether you are interested in entering the corporate world or defending human rights, our esteemed faculty will guide you to become a proficient legal professional.

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs


Prof. Amer Al-Fakhoury

Professor / Dean

Prof. Raad Adham Al Sammarraie

Professor / Program Director – Masters of Intellectual Property

Dr. Qusay Al Falahi

Associate Professor / Program Director – Master in Arbitration

Dr. Ehab Alrousan

Associate Professor / Program Director - Master in Criminal Sciences

Dr. Naser Al Sherman

Associate Professor / Department Chair – Bachelor of Law

Dr. Dorsaf Arfaoui

Assistant Professor / Program Director - Professional Master In Sports Law

Dr. Inas Al-Khalid


Dr. Mahir Albana

Associate Professor

Dr. Hatem Adela

Associate Professor

Dr. Ayman Al-Hawawsheh

Associate Professor

Dr. Khalid Alshoha

Associate Professor

Dr. Ahmed Eldabousi

Associate Professor

Dr. Luma Aldhaheri

Associate Professor

Dr. Farouq Al-Shibli

Associate Professor

Dr. Raed Faqir

Associate Professor

Dr. Zainab Dahham

Assistant Professor


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