Dr. Riad Al Chami

Assistant Professor - College of Business Administration
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  • Dr. Riad Al Chami is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at American University in The Emirates. Dr. Riad received his Ph.D. in Marketing “With Honor” from the University of Jinan in Lebanon in 2018 under the supervision of Professor Fadel Yakhne and Dr. Radwan Shughari.

    His dissertation highlighted the challenges faced by the Lebanese E-Commerce industry and the solutions provided to overcome these obstacles. His publication discusses the organizational culture behavior, the evolutionary aspects of marketing research, the low-touch economy features post covid-19. Dr. Al Chami is targeting A journals indexed by Scopus.

    Furthermore, and because marketing is a fast-changing discipline, his interest is digitalization, Artificial Intelligence, chatbots, consumer privacy, online behavior, Corporate Social Responsibility, and sustainability.

    Besides, his academic area of expertise, Dr. Riad took part in multiple projects funded by NGO’s to improve the educational lives of refugees, influence electoral decisions, and create entrepreneurs with as little as $100 capital investment.

    Dr. Riad is affiliated to a wide network of marketing scholars worldwide who are dedicated to student integration, inclusion, and community development.


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