Dr. Edyta Skibińska

Dr. Edyta Skibińska

Assistant Professor / Specialization Coordinator - Hospital and Healthcare Management
College of Business Administration

prof-image Dr. Edyta Skibinska is an Assistant Professor and Specialization Coordinator for Hospital and Healthcare Management at American University in the Emirates. She is a practice-oriented academic with many years of industry experience in the areas of healthcare, management, marketing, and real estate.

Dr. Edyta's entrepreneurial journey includes founding and directing companies in Europe and the Middle East. She has held various leadership positions and helped guide projects in healthcare as well as business processes.

She has completed her Master of Arts in Public Health and her Ph.D. in Medicine, majoring in Healthcare Management, from the Medical University of Lodz in Poland. She also completed her postgraduate diploma in Financial Management at the Warsaw School of Economics. She is a Certified Healthcare Management Professional from the Yale School of Management. Certified Ayurvedic Nutrition Consultant. She also holds a Diploma in Pedagogical Qualification for Teachers of Practical Vocational Education.

Dr. Edyta has twenty years of experience in Integrative Medicine, Wellness, Management, and Education.

Her research interests are Healthcare, Management, Marketing, Technology and Leadership. She has authored a number of research articles in reputable journals. In addition to her teaching, research, and industry experience, she is an active member of several committees. Dr. Edyta also keeps herself involved in community activities and mentorship.


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