Associate Professor - College of Law
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  • Dr. Raed S. A. Faqir holds a Ph.D. and master in criminal law from Delhi University, and B.A in law from the University of Jordan. Currently, Dr. Faqir Joined American University in the Emirates as an associate professor of criminal law.

    Dr. Faqir served as an associate professor of law and deputy dean at Al-Balqa Applied University/ Faculty of law in Jordan and worked for Zarqa University College from 2007-2014 and City University College in Ajman from 2015-2019. He also worked as an officer to the Ministry of External Affairs of Jordan at the Jordanian Embassy in Delhi from 2000 to 2004.
    Dr. Faqir was engaged with several administrative and academic positions such as head of department, dean deputy for student affairs, dean deputy for quality assurance, and vice dean of law faculty. His teaching areas include criminal law, international law, human rights law, business law and management. He has published many articles, mainly on criminal law, criminal procedural law, constitutional law, and corruption crimes.


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