Prof. Tarek Abdel Salam

Professor – College of Law

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  • Professor Tarek Abdelsalam received his PhD in Law from Helwan University, Cairo. His research focus on “Arab Funds” has earned him distinction in the fields of law and economics. In addition to his PhD, Prof. Tarek educational background includes postgraduate diplomas in Public Law, Private Law, and Economics and Financial Sciences from Mansoura University.
    Professor Abdelsalam has held various teaching and administrative roles at Helwan University and Umm Al Quwain University since 2000. His academic career, evolving from an assistant teacher to a professor at Helwan University, showcases his commitment to legal education.
    Prof. Tarek academic and administrative expertise is marked by his tenure as Dean of the Faculty of Law at the American University in the Emirates and the University of Gezira’s Faculty of Law and Economics. His leadership extended to the Institute of Financial and Tax Sciences and the Quality Unit at Helwan University’s Faculty of Law, blending his academic insights with administrative skills.
    Prof. Tarek is an author of various publications. His research topics span from public finance to economic impacts of global events. His participation in international conferences and membership in the Egyptian Association for Political Economy and Legislation further demonstrate his engagement with contemporary legal and economic issues.
    Prof. Abdelsalam’s contribution to academia is complemented by his role as a legal practitioner, providing a practical perspective to his academic endeavors.