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  • Dr. Mirna Saad holds a Ph.D. in Human Geography with a specialization in urban planning, and a master’s degree in Geographic Development from the Lebanese University-Beirut. Covering various fields of subdisciplines in Human and Physical Geography including Urban, Cultural, Economic, Social, and Political Geography, Landforms, and Climate.

    She is a practice-oriented academic with extensive experience in areas of urban and master planning design, with the engineering consultancy firm of GEO “Global Engineering Office.”

    The research interests of Dr. Mirna are related to the impact of climate change on human geography and urban areas, the possibility of achieving sustainable development goals, implementation of eco-innovation, smart city technology, and the investment and development of renewable energy sources, principles of circular economy, as important factors considered when planning/ designing urban areas.

    In addition to teaching, business experience, and research, Dr. Mirna delivers an online course with Save Cultural and Heritage Group (SCHG) on YouTube Channel, and she is a member of the Emirates Geographical Society (Lecturer and Executive Director of Projects), participated in many conferences with the League of Arab States, the Arab Organization for Administrative Development, and the Industrial Development and Mining Organization, where its main topic was on the importance of investments in renewable energy.


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