Prof. Sameh Ghwanmeh

Professor – College of Computer Information Technology

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  • Citations : 155
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  • Prof. Sameh Ghwanmeh is a full Professor of Computer Science and Engineering. Obtained his Ph.D. and MS from the UK, in 1996 and 1993 respectively, and his BS degree in Computer Engineering from Jordan, in 1985. More than 27+ years of leadership experience in HE institutions. Was and still involved in many administrative and academic positions: University Chancellor and CEO, Dean of Faculty of Information Technology, Registrar Director, Director of Accreditation, Dean of College of Engineering and IT, Academic Department Chair, Academic and ICT Adviser to the Minister of Education and Higher Education in Jordan, and IT Adviser to the Secretary-General, National Council for Family Affairs, Jordan. The published work exceeds 50 international journal papers in different research fields, including Information Retrieval and Natural Languages Processing, Data Science and Big Data, and its industrial applications, Image Processing, Applications of Fuzzy Logic Techniques, Knowledge management, e-business, e-learning, Neural Networks, Computer Networks and Wireless Networks. Invited a speaker at different international conferences and workshops. Was involved in curriculum development for many undergraduate and graduate programs. Managed and coordinated several research projects that are funded by regional and international agencies such as the European Commission. A referee for several regional and international conferences, and a member of editorship and reviewing activities of several international research journals.
  • Received many national and international awards, including: Royal certificate and Shield honor from HM King Abdullah bin Al-Hussein, Jordan, 2005, Royal certificate and Shield honor from HM King Abdullah bin Al-Hussein, Jordan, 2007, Best lecturer at the college level, Yarmouk University, 2009, Scholarship from Yarmouk University to study M.Sc. and Ph.D. in UK, 1992-1996, First prize of the fifth computerization essay context, 1991, CICC, Japan, and award of EU Mediterranean Network for Unified Distance Learning Project.


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