Sports Tourism Making the World as One

The American University in the Emirates (AUE) has conducted a vital two day workshop on International Sports Tourism in conjunction with the Institute of Sports Science, Magdeburg, Germany and with speakers from George Washington University.

AUE is the only university in the region with the unique Masters in Sports Law and taking this into account it is working hard to build its reputation in being a leader in this field by holding workshops and seminars in the sports industry and having future plans of establishing a sports academy, which will focus on offering academic degrees and training with an emphasis on research.

Today the sports industry is worth $480 billion and at any given time an average of 28 percent of travellers will be travelling for sports events, with 83 percent of parents saving money to take their children along with them as spectators. Sports events cross all cultures, religions and other social aspects and AUE will adapt the knowledge gained from the two day workshop to further enhance its Masters in Sports Law and bring other related specialisations within the University.

Emirates Oasis Tourism has helped organize the two day workshop which will see a broad impact on social and economic factors for the United Arab Emirates as it will bring benefits in substantially increasing visitors and nation branding, as well as encouraging concepts of health awareness and discipline.