CED EX 2015, The journey of Learning

CED EX 2015: A Journey of Learning- an event comprised of displays of students’ projects and activities which earmarked the practical components of their learning by bridging the gap between theory and practice was organized by the College of Education on December 15th, 2015.
The event commenced at 12:00 noon with inauguration by the President of AUE, Prof. Muthanna G. Abdul Razzaq by the cutting of the ribbon. This was followed by the welcome address by Prof. Abhilasha Singh, Dean, College of Education who welcomed the dignitaries on the Dias which consisted of President, Prof. Muthanna, the Executive Vice President, Prof. Dennis Gayle, and the Provost / Vice President for Academic Affairs, Prof. Nabeel Jurdi, and the exhibition Committee which comprised of Dr. Emad Shahrouri, Dr. Janet Madhu and Ms. Jessica Davis, the faculty, staff and students.
A recital from the Holy Quran with verses relevant to Education was rendered by Mr. Haitham Hassan Aref, student from CFAD, after the welcome address. Following the recital came in the President’s Note where he highlighted valuable pointers in terms of developing soft skills among students and also encouraged the habit of reading by referring verses from the Holy Quran. Presentations were the next in agenda with students Yashin Rashid on Overpopulation vs Overconsumption: Where to Focus and Halima Al Mheiri on Arabic Language in Transition: A Millennial Perspective under the guidance and supervision of Dr. Sabina Aktar and Ms. Jessica Davis.
This was followed by a tour of the displayed posters and models by the students from various disciplines which portrayed their skills and talent through the exhibits. Finally, CED EX 2015, an event that added one more milestone to the College of Education ended successfully at 1:00PM with a thank you from the Dean of College of Education.