AUE Faculty Day 2015

All of AUE’s faculty members were invited to Faculty Day at the Sharjah Paintball Park on Thursday December 10, 2015. This inaugural event was organized by our Human Resources Department to celebrate the achievements of our faculty members, and to help further enhance team spirit within the University community, while also providing an opportunity for faculty members to interact with colleagues across Colleges.
Accordingly, Faculty Day centered upon actively enjoyed paintball games, involving successive sets of camouflaged teams, followed by a delectable lunch at a restaurant with a beautiful golf course view, the distribution of awards for the best researchers, teachers, and academic advisers within each College, the special recognition of senior faculty members, and paintball game certificates for the winning team.
Everyone had a great deal of fun. At the end of this special Faculty Day, faculty members were returned to the University, somewhat weary, but with an even stronger sense of belonging to a caring community.”