“AUE” and “Reporters” Set a roadmap for future journalists founded on Innovation and Pioneering in Media Training

American University in the Emirates (AUE) has signed a strategic agreement with Reporters Training and Production array (Reporters) which is the first of its kind in the private sector across the Arab World and the Middle East to provide innovative training packages according to highest international standards in order to qualify media students to enter the job market and empower them in professional production when they join media institutions.
The agreement follows the call for innovation launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the UAE, Prime Minister and Dubai Ruler and his declaration of the year 2016 to be the year of innovation. It also follows on the footsteps of the 2nd Knowledge Summit that was recently held in Dubai.
Prof. Muthanna Abdul Razzaq, President and CEO of AUE stressed the importance of this agreement saying that: “The University is engaged in attracting best practices that provide an added value to the academic side through bridging the gap between theory and practice in academic curricula in general and the media curricula in particular due to its particular need for pioneering and innovation in a rapidly changing world”. Prof. Abdul Razzaq added that: “AUE will continue to pursue innovative ways to provide its students distinction in a job market intensively contested by new entrants”.
In this regard, Mr. Ahmad Al Ibrahim, cofounder and CEO of Reporters said that: “The main objective of the agreement is enriching the media scene with talented elements that are able to produce professionally right from the first day on the job” adding that:” The agreement fulfills an integral foundation of Reporters that is the professional and social responsibilities by meeting the changing requirements of the job market and educational outputs because media institutions require qualified professionals capable of production, analysis and innovation”
On a similar note, Dr. Nabil Al Jardi, VP for Academic Affairs, AUE said that: “This agreement will enhance the practical side for our media students and will equip them with unique field experiences enabling them to start their aspirated professional careers by joining the media and mass communication programs”
On the other hand, Mr. Mosaab Rashid, Head of Training Department, Reporters said that: “The agreement will open the way for the media and mass communication students to benefit from the world-class facilities and latest technologies and systems at Reporters and equipping them with unique expertise as well as to provide them with an opportunity to interact with best media trainers”; adding that:”Reporters training system is built on empowering the trainees to be professionally skilled with prevalent systems in the Audio Visual media channels and newsrooms the most prominent of which are iNews and Media Composer for producing news and programming content”.
It is worthy to mention that the agreement will begin at the commencement of the new year 2016 and will benefit about 400 students annually. The agreement covers the different specializations of media and mass communication. The university intends to turn field training into a compulsory requisite for all its academic programs.