American university in Cairo visit American university in the Emirates to sign a new MOU.

President and CEO of AUE, Provost prof Nabeel Jurdi and Dr Fadhallah of the Masters in Sports Law have agreed to join the two American universities in a partnership which will see an exchange of students, faculty and programs greatly benefitting the development and structure of both universities and education in the two counties as a whole.

AUC Provost, Dr Sherif Sedky spoke to AUE about how to attract more students to the universities and about future educational conferences that both universities can participate in. In addition, both parties discussed creating new training courses that will place a new platform for the universities in both Dubai and Cairo, focusing on tailored training that suit the regions and help further trainee’s skills access internationally.

Professor Muthanna spoke about the importance of the logistical side of sports programs, highlighting AUE’s unique Masters in Sports Law, which is the only one of its kind in the region, and he further emphasised how sports is a unification of countries and could be a great stepping stone for AUE and AUC.

A vital outcome of this Memorandum of Understating will see the creation of conjoined and dual degrees where AUE and AUC students will have the chance to partly study in both universities, resulting in fruitful education.