Ms. Hala Bukhari

Instructor – College of Education

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  • Ms. Hala Al-Bukhari is a faculty member in the College of Education at the American University in the Emirates, who is a social, cross-cultural anthropologist, and a special education specialist. She holds an M.Sc. in Social Cross-Cultural Anthropology, in Children, Childhood and Youth Development, and Special Education, from Brunel University London in 2009, she is a passion-driven instructor with experience of more than 17 years in teaching, and she also has experience in research, university, and community services. She is also a member of the ILM international leading and management certification.
  • Ms. Hala Al-Bukhari’s research interests are related to special education and inclusion, childhood and youth development and education, and social anthropology. She is the author of three articles and has presented papers at local and international conferences. She is a member of the ILM International Leading and Management certification, a Fellow researcher, and a freelancer at the King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Center for Disabilities and Rehabilitation Research. Additionally, she served as a special education specialist and internationally represented her division in Prince Sultan Humanitarian City in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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