Dr. Mahir Albanna

Dr. Amer Al Kiswani

P.O. Box: 503000, Dubai, UAE
Phone: +971 4 4499726
Email: [email protected]
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Area of Research Interest

  • International law /li>




Journal Articles

  1. 2010 A chapter of a book in a conference: “The Israeli Policy in destroying the Palestinian houses: Vision of the International Law”, Al Zaytouna Studies Centre, Beirut, Lebanon. Peer reviewed. (Arabic).
  2. 2010 “Sovereignty over Oil”, Democracy and Strategic Studies Centre, Melbourne, Australia.2010 International Jurisdiction and Impunity of Western Countries, Democracy and Strategic Studies Centre, Melbourne, Australia. (Arabic).
  3. 2010 “The International Criminal Court and the Genocide Concept”, Democracy and Strategic Studies Centre. Melbourne, Australia. (Arabic).
  4. 2016 “Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy in the GCC Countries: Obstacles and Challenges”. Quest Journals. International Organizations on Humanities and Researches. June 2016. Peer reviewed. (English).
  5. 2016 “The UN Measures to counter the Use of the Internet for Terrorist Purposes”. July 2016. Journal of Dubai Judicial Institute. Peer reviewed (English).
  6. 2016 “Limits of Application of the Security Council’s Resolutions”. Journal of Law and Political Sciences. University of Ammar Thliji/Algeria. Peer reviewed. (Arabic).
  7. 2017 “The Long Arm of US Jurisdiction and International Law: Extraterritoriality against Sovereignty”. Journal of Law, Policy, and Globalizations. Peer reviewed. (English).
  8. 2017 “The Limits of International Law to Counter Climate Change: A Climate Justice to Improve International Law?” Al –Mi’yar, Imam Malik College Law Review. Peer reviewed. (French).

Faculty Research