Dr. Amer Al Kiswani

    Dr. Amer Al Kiswani

    P.O. Box: 503000, Dubai, UAE
    Phone:(+971) 4 4499727
    Email: [email protected]
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    Area of Research Interest

    • Civil law
    • Arbitration
    • Intellectual Property rights





    1. Conflict of laws – Dar al-thaqafa – 2010
    2. International privet law – Dar al- thaqafa 2011
    3. Rules of Obligations (comparative study) dar al-thaqafa.- 2008
    4. commerce (comparative study) dar al- thaqafa – 2009
    5. Intellectual property. 1998.
    6. The applicable law in matters related to Intellectual property 2010.
    7. E- Forgery of the trademarks 2009.

    Searches & Studies

    1. The right of public presentation of Cinematic works
    2. The Deposit legally and Jurisprudence.
    3. Applicable Kaw in copyright.
    4. Pandemic status in Islamic, Jordanian and Kuwait laws.
    5. The Franchise contracts
    6. The guarantees of arbitrates vs. the arbitrator.
    7. The protection of the famous trademarks.
    8. Intellectual property disputes settlement within the international centers.
    9. Unjust enrichment
    10. Anti-Cyber Crime Unit in Dubai police Department.
    11. Anti-Cyber Crime Unit in Dubai police Department.
    12. Indian new trademark law.
    13. The legal protection of the press news through copyrights law.
    14. The Intellectual property is a pure Islamic Arabian idea.
    15. The special nature of the copyrights.
    16. Call for federal agency to curb counterfeiting.
    17. The economic importance of the intellectual property.
    18. The criteria of the similarity of the trademarks.
    19. The situation of the intellectual property in Egypt.
    20. Arab pharmaceutical and (TRIPS) agreement.
    21. Domain Names.
    22. The infringement of trade names on the internet.
    23. The situation of the intellectual property in Jordan.
    24. The Maximize of the minimum level of the international protection of the intellectual property.
    25. The famous trademarks.
    26. The utility models.
    27. The Arab pharmaceutical industrials.
    28. The procedural periods.
    29. Death sentence philosophy.
    30. Setting up and drafting the sales tax code.
    31. Multi and non- nationality

    Faculty Research