Dr. Mohammed Alerman

Dr. Mohammed Alerman

P.O. Box: 503000, Dubai, UAE
Phone:+971 4 4499709
Email: [email protected]
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Area of Research Interest

  • Commercial law




Admitted to the Bar Association (Jordan 1996)
  1. Legal Protection for Electronic Consumer on Misleading Commercial under UAE Law
  2. Legal aspects of Legal Reservation Contained in Bill of Lading Under the UAE Law
  3. Protection Agreement of Shops under UAE Law
  4.  Adequacy of Constitutional and Legal to Prevent and Suppress Human Trafficking in the UAE Law
  5. Legal Protection from Electromagnetic Damages of Mobile Phones
  6. Legal Regulations of Establishment under UAE Law
  7. Cheque as Credit under the UAE Law and the Conflicts with the Cheque Particular Roles
  8. Correction of Terrorism, Violence and Vandalism Concept under the Law and Sharia
  9. Harmful Agreements and Contracts for Free Competitive and Prevent Monopoly Under UAE Law

Faculty Research