Dr. Carlotta Rodriquez

Assistant Professor – College of Security and Global Studies

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  • Dr Carlotta Rodriquez is a risk and emergency management specialist, with particular focus on DRR, policy making and resilience assessment. She combines extensive academic and field experience, teaching theoretical knowledge and how to make it operational.
    Her field of expertise covers architecture and seismic engineering, Disaster Risk Reduction, Disaster Resilience and Social Vulnerability, Disaster management, Shelters and emergency settlements, Sustainable Development, Climate Change, Cultural Heritage, Information management, project writing and project management.
    She worked as a researcher and professor for several Institutions in Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, and UAE, and as a consultant for international organizations in the field of Disaster Risk Management and Post Disaster Reconstruction, in Asia and in Africa. She founded and runs Adenium, which is a UAE based risk and coaching consulting company.
    Highly flexible and efficient, Dr Carlotta worked effectively all over the world in very diverse environments such as governmental institutions, international organizations, research centers and in the field engaging communities and local stakeholders.
    She is part of several international scientific groups: she is member of two ISO working groups withing the Scientific Committee 292 -Security and Resilience, she is member of the national council of the italian disaster managers’ association (ASSODIMA), and she is part of the UNDRR-ARAB Scientific Technical Advisory Group (STAG).

    MSc in Architecture –University of Rome “La Sapienza”.
    Thesis: Sustainable technologies with a focus on recycled concrete, Life Cycle Assessment and fiber-optic measuring methods.

    MSc in Engineering (Advanced structural modelling, analysis and design) –University of Rome “La Sapienza”
    Thesis: Structural Health Monitoring of Cultural Heritage

    PhD in Risk and Emergency Management – IUSS Pavia/University of Pavia
    Thesis: A framework to assess Disaster Resilience based on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Dr. Mohamed-Badine El Yattioui

Assistant Professor / Program Director - Diplomacy
College of Security and Global Studies

prof-image Dr. Mohamed Badine El Yattioui is an associate professor of International Affairs and Strategy in the CSGS at the American University in the Emirates. He is a practice-oriented academic with extensive academic experience in areas of geopolitics, history of international relations, international negotiations, international political economy and international security. He taught in France, Mexico and Morocco.

Dr. El Yattioui holds a PhD with specialization in Political Science from the University of Lyon, and a master's degree in International Relations following a degree in History from the same French university.

Research interests of Dr. Mohamed Badine El Yattioui are related to geopolitics and international security. He is an author of numerous conference papers, articles and books. He has a number of successful media appearances (Morocco, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Turkey and Russia) on the above mentioned topics.


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