Dr. Ahmad Nizam Othman

Assistant Professor – College of Design

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  • Assistant Professor Ts. Dr. Ahmad Nizam Othman is a specialist in Animation and 3D Design. He has served more than 20 years as an academic and active in the Malaysian Creative Industry. Experienced with a history of working in the Academic field, especially in Malaysia Creative Curriculum Development and Accreditation, Animation, 3D, Design & Creative Industry. He’s skilled in 3D Modelling & Design, Animation, Visual Communication, New Media, Graphic Design, Illustration & Digital Art
    His research interests are more into 2D & 3D Animation, 3D Design & Modeling, Visual Communication & New Media, Character Design, Digital Culture & Heritage, Digital Art, Malay Folklore, Malay Culture & Heritage, Visual Narrative & Storytelling and Semiotics. He once held the position of Deputy Dean (Academic & International) at Faculty of Arts, Sustainability and Creative Industry, Sultan Idris Education University and previously held the position of Head of Creative Multimedia Department and Coordinator for Animation Program in the same department and faculty.
    Graduated with a PhD in Visual Art & Design (Animation) from the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) and Master’s in Art & Design (Visual Communication & New Media) from the MARA University of Technology (UiTM). He’s once as Autodesk Ambassador in Media & Entertainment Sector and received recognition of expertise in the field from Malaysia Board of Technologies (MBOT), Creative Content Guild Malaysia (CCIG) and Malaysian Design Council (MRM)
    He obtained an International Professional Certificate in the field of Computer Graphic (CG) Creator Certification from Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP), 3DS MAX Certified Professional (ACP) from Autodesk, 3D Game Asset Production from Todak Academy & Malaysia Skills Fund Corporation (PTPK) and Toon Boom Certified Associate (Harmony Premium) from Toon Boom Animation Inc. He has been awarded the MSC Malaysia Creative Industry Lifelong Learning Program (CILLP): Animation Courses, under FiNAS, MDeC & Salford University, Manchester United Kingdom 2013


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