Assistant Professor - College of Education
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  • Dr. Seema Jaiswal is a Visiting Professor at the American University in the Emirates. She is an academician with an exceptional record of teaching humanities subjects to graduate and undergraduate students.

    Dr. Seema has diversified and extensive experience in curriculum planning, teaching and learning strategies, differential learning, project design, and completion, conducting internal and external assessments for learning, performance monitoring, evaluation, coaching, and mentoring students at different levels.

    Dr. Seema held various positions across different programs (BA, BSc IT, BBA, and Law). She facilitated students in fruitfully completing courses in history, International Politics, International relations, Political Science, Sociology, and Economics.

    The research interests of Dr. Seema are related to social and cultural history, including education, women, and Gender relations based on primary research methodology. Dr. Seema is the author of a few conference papers and articles. She is also associated with Environmental Clubs and Model United Nations, providing guidance to students to develop their thinking skills, and writing research papers.

    Dr. Seema Jaiswal holds a Doctorate in History from Punjab University, Chandigarh, India