AUE students organize Unlimited Science Exhibition

November 26th, 2017

Students from the American University in the Emirates who are enrolled in the course of Natural Sciences, organized a science exhibition to showcase their final project. The initiative came as an opportunity for the students to unleash their creative minds and have the freedom to apply whatever they learned in the classroom to an actual science project that the university and the society can both benefit from. The exhibition showcased a number of new and innovative ideas that were implemented by students, all of the ideas and projects were out of the box and reflected that nothing is impossible in the AUE.

The exhibition was inaugurated with the presence of two guest speakers who both supported the theme of the exhibition. Mrs. Seta Tutundjan who is the director of partnership & knowledge management at ICBA, discussed the importance of including women especially into agriculture, because it’s a domain that deals with the environment directly and can have a positive effect on the development of better sustainable countries. Mr. Ravi Raman, Senior Vice President of AL Khaleej times, reflected his own life experience that helped him get where he is today. Mr. Ravi encourage the students to not give up on their ideas and project, and pursue what they believe in, even if they faced some difficulties in their way.

The exhibition was an opportunity for students to stand in front of their peers and professors, and president their innovative ideas which was the case with Abdullah Hussein and Faiq Shafqat, who both introduced the audience to the importance of sustainability and how it affects our current time. Through the research and surveys that they conducted, they found out that most students are aware of the importance of stopping pollution and supporting sustainability, but no one actually took any action towards the issue, and that is what the presentation was all about; to influence their fellow students and even their professors to take a step towards a more sustainable environment no matter how small the action might be.

The exhibition showcased a various number of science projects done by students in different fields including forensics, physical health and more. The initiative aimed to fill the gap between theory and practice, and the students were successful in using their knowledge into something bigger which is in this case, creating ideas that can be used in the society in different fields.