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Student Council

The AUE Student Council is the annually elected body of student representatives who are a core part of facilitating student participation in institutional decision-making as they from an important link between student voices and the University administration. The AUE Student Council is composed of 5 elected members and 10 appointed members. For a full list of members of the Student Council for the AY 19-20 please click below

The Student Council can be reached at [email protected].

For information on the nomination and election process please click here.

Important dates for nominations for AY 20-21 are as follows – TBD

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Student Council and Past

Student Clubs, Societies and Activities

AUE is proud home to 22 student clubs each with dedicated leadership, activities and events throughout the year. The list of Student Clubs is as follows:

Club Name Faculty Advisor Email Description
1 AUE Acting and Performance Club Mrs. Razan Takash [email protected] Members engage in a variety of activities and performances with dramatic scope and attend various productions.
2 AUE Art & Design Club Mr. Daran Herbert
Ms. Heather Shipman
[email protected]
[email protected]
Members come together to share their passion for the arts & design as well as assist in designing events for the greater AUE community.
3 AUE Film Club Ms. Deema [email protected] Members edit, film, and/or act in films and experience the world of film through hands-on experience.
4 AUE Marketing Club Dr. Asli Milla [email protected] Members develop their knowledge and understanding of marketing and play an active role in marketing AUE activities and events.
5 AUE Music Club Dr. Oshane Thorpe
Ms. Deema
[email protected] / [email protected] Aspiring musicians and AUE talented artists come together to organize singing festivals for the AUE community.
6 AUE Student Health Ambassadors Dr. Edyta Skibinska [email protected] Members promote a healthy life-style and champion healthier living to the AUE community.
7 AUE Student Newspaper Ms. Hana Dawud [email protected] Members engage hands-on and have the opportunity to write, edit and design the student newsletter
8 AUE Young Innovators Club Mr. Matthew A. Gilbert [email protected] Members are encouraged to develop their skills and talent and engage in an atmosphere of challenge and innovation.
9 Culture Clubs Ms. Hala Albukhari [email protected] Members gain greater insights into their own culture, develop a stronger sense of empathy for others’ cultures, and use their learning to help create a more positive and inclusive AUE community.
10 Debate Club Ms. Hala Albukhari
Dr. Kleanthis Kyriakidis
[email protected] Members develop their debating skills and train to participate in intercollegiate debate competitions.
11 Happiness, Motivation & Wellness Club Dr. Jihene Mrabet [email protected] Members engage in a variety of activities and initiatives that promote individual wellbeing and happiness.
12 International Majils of the Determined Vacant VACANT Members engage in programs and services that increase awareness of and support the People of Determination.
13 International Majils of Women Qaedat Dr. Leslie Vandeputte [email protected] Empowering women to before the future leaders of society
14 Literary Creative Club Dr. Thaer Oudeh [email protected] Description
15 Model United Nations (MUN) Mrs. Evgenia Koikas [email protected] AUE hosts an MUN chapter that encourages members to participate in regional simulations and attend MUN-related conferences.
16 Photography Club Dr. Leonardo Mataruna [email protected] Members develop an appreciation for photography, express their visual talent, and gain experience and expertise from fellow members as well as professionals in the field.
17 Research Club Dr. Nikolina Ljepava [email protected] Members engage in a variety of activities that improve their research skills
18 Yalla Finance Dr. Asma Salman [email protected] Members hone their skills in the field of finance and network with professionals
19 Management Consulting Club Dr. Tarik [email protected] .
20 Sustainability Club Dr. Nikolina Ljepava [email protected] Members promote sustainability in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and raise awareness of sustainability on campus through awareness campaigns and events.
21 AUE Business Club Dr. Mohamed Shamout [email protected] Members have the opportunity to develop skills required in the business field and network with professionals
22 Ethical Hacking Club Dr. Talal Butt [email protected] Provides an atmosphere and platform for discussing ethical hacking.

AUE Student Events

AUE student events become bigger and better with each passing year! From the first AUE Car Show  to the 10th AUE Global Day  students have enjoyed a variety of incredible events throughout the years.

During the Fall 2019 semester, the Office of Student Life hosted nearly 30 different student activities:

Events Coming to You this Spring 2020

21 JAN

New Student Orientation (Mandatory for all Spring 2020 Freshmen)

29 JAN

Undergraduate Honors Awards Ceremony


Graduate Honors Awards Ceremony


Sports Innovation Day

11 FEB

Open Mic Day


International Women’s Day

10 & 11 MARCH

Global Day


International Day of Happiness


World Poetry Day


Student Awards Ceremony 2019 – 2020


Earth Day

30 MAY

AUE Commencement
If you are interested in volunteering for any of these events, visit OSL (Block 6, 2nd Floor) or send an email to [email protected].