Mr. Darren Herbert

Instructor / CDES Foundation Courses Coordinator, College of Design

After completing a degree in Illustration at the renowned Falmouth College of Arts in the UK, Mr. Herbert began work as a graphic designer while also selling and exhibiting his own artwork. He began to teach community classes in the UK in 2004 and now lectures across a range of design disciplines including visual communication, painting, typography and art history.

His main aims in teaching are to facilitate students’ observation, objectivity, visual decision making and their ability to communicate ideas clearly at all levels of design.

(04) 449 9775

Block 7, 2nd Floor,LAB 7208


Dr. Chadi Chamoun

Associate Professor / Dean

Mr. Wameedh Jamil

Assistant Professor / Department Chair - Graphic Design

Ms. Shlagha Agarwal

Assistant Professor / Department Chair - Fashion Design

Mr. Rahul Malpure

Assistant Professor / Department Chair -Digital Animation

Ghada Mohamad

Ms. Ghada Mohamad

Assistant Professor / Department Chair - Interior Design

Dr. Arafat Al Naim

Associate Professor

Dr. Toufic Haidamous

Assistant Professor

Ms. Jill Alexandria

Assistant Professor

Mr. Gaurav Jain

Mr. Gaurav Jain

Assistant Professor

Mr. Neven Mihic

Assistant Professor

Ms. Ashley Williams

Assistant Professor

Mr. Darren Herbert

Instructor / CDES Foundation Courses Coordinator