Dr. Renny Castaneda

Assistant Professor, College of Security and Global Studies

Renny Rueda Castañeda holds a PhD from the Faculty of Economy and Social Sciences of the University of Hamburg, Germany (Centrum für Globalisierung und Governance (CGG)) . He is an Economist with studies on Government, Management, and Public Affairs (Externado Colombian University, Columbia University of New York), Economic Analysis (University of Berkeley Extension Prog. USA), and MA on International Law & International Relations (Complutense University of Madrid, Spain). He has also been an economic advisor to the Inter-American Development Bank and has been a lecturer on international economy, international law, international relations, and political science in various Universities in Colombia. His doctoral research has been published by Taylor & Francis (Uk) and IGI (US), and deals with the construction of norms on scenarios of asymmetric governance, IR, norms and epistemic communities, cognitive governance and late modern market systems. Renny is also the founder of E-codemocracy, an organization that aims to enhance the implementation of decentralization technology and self-governance on autonomous civil interaction. He is an Advisory Board member of the Solonian Democracy Institute, in Ireland. Renny is also a media entrepreneur in Colombia, South America, and has served as an editorial director of numerous projects on political, antiterrorist, and economic journalism. He is fluent in Spanish, English, and German.


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