AUE Innovation Forum 2024

AUE Inovation Forum 2024

Get ready for the 2nd AUE Innovation Forum 2024, where groundbreaking ideas meet funding opportunities!

Calling all innovators and visionaries! The AUE Innovation Forum is your platform to shine. Teams from across the university will have the incredible chance to pitch their ideas to an internal committee. If selected, students will receive funding support from the university to turn their dreams into reality.

This event is not just about pitches; it’s a celebration of innovation and collaboration. Teams will present improved business models and advanced solutions, showcasing the remarkable results of their hard work. Successful collaborations will be announced, demonstrating the power of teamwork in driving innovation forward.

The spotlight will be on as teams take center stage, presenting their works in front of a diverse audience, investors, judges, and key stakeholders. It’s not just an opportunity to secure funding; it’s a chance to make a lasting impact on the innovation landscape.

1st AUE Innovation Forum 2023

At the 1st AUE Innovation Forum 2023, students electrified the stage with their visionary ideas, presenting a spectrum of innovative solutions and refined business models. The forum provided a dynamic platform for these budding entrepreneurs to showcase their creativity, leaving the audience, investors, and judges captivated by the wealth of talent and ingenuity displayed