Dream Cars in True Dubai Style at AUE Car Show 2016

The 6th annual Car Show at American University in the Emirates (AUE) was the first of it's kind this year with a special standstill of cars on show in respect of the recently deceased student Ali due to a car accident earlier in the year.

In spite of the lack of drifting, with a backdrop of the turntable of the DJ, spectators were once again graced with the most luxurious of dream sports, classics, 4X4 and all the most unique and draw-dropping cars and motorcycles Dubai could offer, including a car simulator to teach you how to handle these powerful machines in the safest and most pleasurable way.

In true Dubai style, amongst more than 50 cars, AUE showcased slick Lamborghinis like the infamous LP550, many Radicals with the head-turning SR3RS and its United Arab Emirates (UAE) legal road version, the RXC500 and an array of classic cars of which the Chevrolet white SR8 and black SR3RSX helped visitors gain an insight into the evolution of luxury cars within the last 60 years. Just to take the experience up a notch, participants brought along classic pre-BMW mini motorcycles, some even modernised and painted to the owners' taste of cartoon characters or in country flags; that way all knew there were only one of each in the world.

Nadia Khan of AUH Motor Sports, the company that brought along all the Radicals for the day and hold the Radical Middle East Cup, explained "We are proud to be participating in such a great event by a prominent university in the UAE." AUH Motor Sports is a vital step for anyone going into motor sports as they hold the first FIA certified championship of Formula 4, which awards you with a super licence, granting you access into Formula 1.

Coming along for the ride was AUE's very own Master of Diplomacy student and yearly participant, Mohammed Al Razhi, with his Lamborghini Galardo. A white glistening car sitting comfortably as one of the most wanted cars at the AUE Car Show, its owner said of his love of cars, "Collect cars is a hobby of mine, although I'm against speeding or dangerous driving of any kind. I just love cars and showing them off to the world."

What stole the show was a car that you couldn't buy from your local car dealership, and if you were seen in the backseat of one then you weren't riding on the right road to a good life. Spectators were queuing for photos all day for no other than the BMW I8 UAE Police car. With its lifting doors, sports look and low rise it is undoubtedly the most unique Police super patrol car worldwide.

The sun wasn't leaving for the day, yet in honor of UAE's famous reputation for an obsession with beautiful cars, spectators of the AUE Car Show were many and sticking around to post their attendance on social media and grab a burger or pizza roll to fuel them for the day.