Dean of College of Design


The College of Design (CDES) at the American University in the Emirates (AUE) comprises four programs that meet the diverse interests of a wide range of modern-day aspiring designers. CDES programs in Interior Design, Graphic Design, Digital Animation, and Fashion Design cater to current, engaged, dynamic design visions wherein social life and trans-cultural currents blend into pure creativity made possible with technical savvy and artistic freedom. 

The programs cover a broad spectrum of design thinking: From the expression in space, volume, and narrative in Interior Design, to telling impactful and meaningful tales through sequential images and motion in Digital Animation, to identifying the components of visual communication in the powerful stillness of Graphic Design, to the dynamic, thoroughly social, and tactile world of Fashion Design. A CDES student will be guided through the pathways of creativity with faculty diverse in their backgrounds, areas of interest, expertise, and research, sure to encourage, inspire and invigorate the mind with boundless expanses of imagining and making. 

At CDES, you are welcome to join us. Just bring your imagination, dreams, and quest to stand head and shoulders above the crowd in this rapidly changing world of communication, expression, and design representation.

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Prof. Taha Duri