Dean of College of Business Administration


Welcome to the College of Business Administration (COBA), American University of the Emirates (AUE), Dubai.

Our faculty is recognized as leading practitioners, researchers, and teachers in the region. Our graduates excel in every sector and in every corner of the United Arab Emirates and the region. Focused on providing a distinct business education to undergraduate and graduate students, COBA at AUE is dedicated to educating future leaders through collaborative and innovative classroom experiences.

The College of Business Administration is committed to providing quality education to its students and to prepare them to become business professionals through academic programs and applied learning approaches. We seek to inculcate life-long learning aspirations in students, so that they keep advancing themselves to meet the changing needs of the market. The College’s portfolio of programs aspires to equip students for employment and to inspire them to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. Such programs promote critical thinking, creativity and advanced practices, analytical skills, teamwork, quantitative and qualitative skills amidst many other soft and hard skills. Such interdisciplinary approach targets to apply fundamental, theoretical, and practice-led enquiries into contemporary business and management solutions across a breadth of specialization such as: business and management, human resources, finance and accounting, healthcare management, e-commerce and marketing, logistics and supply chain management, and sport management; to name a few.

Our strategic ambition is to create perpetually an impetus for new ideas and opportunities to advance the many fields of business and to improve our students’ academic experience. Offering degree programs that prepare graduates to contribute to their profession from the beginning of their studies is vital. COBA AUE graduates are equipped with both a solid business foundation and specialized industry expertise that they aim to continuously enrich. Tailoring the learning experience to meet both market demands and student expectations is a priority for our faculty and staff.

We look forward to welcoming you to the College and within the AUE community. College of Business Administration

Prof. Asma Salman
Dean, College of Business Administration

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Asma Salman

Prof. Asma Salman