Counseling Services

Counseling is one of the Office’s core services. It aims to help individuals become more objective and realistic as they seek better self-understanding, self-development, and self-direction. Individual and group counseling sessions are provided to students in a safe environment where they can disclose their apprehensions and challenges, both personal and academic. We offer a wide variety of services to support students including drop-in hours, workshops, brief individual therapy, and peer support groups. Peer support groups empower students by creating caring environments that enhance their communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills. This group also facilitates study-buddy programs in conjunction with the Office of Advising and Student Success.

These services are provided for all undergraduate and graduate students at the American University of the Emirates. All counseling services are offered free of charge to all students at AUE. Moreover, self-help resources are available to support students in addressing common concerns.

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The Counseling Office also manages the Mental Health Awareness Campaign. The Mental Health Awareness Campaign promotes and creates a healthy environment through conducting regular seminars and workshops that target students’ needs. These workshops help students develop new coping strategies for university life and increase their awareness about the symptoms of stress, its effect on their cognitive and emotional processes, and adaptations for a healthier life routine. The Counseling Office is also available for faculty who are looking for guidance about how to handle mental health issues related to AUE students. For instance, workshops that support empathy and understanding of students’ psychological challenges during their academic journey are leveraged. These workshops guide faculty to enhance their communicative strategies and to encourage staff to refer distressed students to the Office of Counseling.

Our goal is to empower students with the latest evidence-based practices that address their difficulties so that they get the most out of their educational opportunities.

If you feel that you or someone you know may benefit from our services, please call our office. We will provide you with the help you need or find someone who can.


During the outbreak of COVID-19, the Office recognized the importance of supporting students dealing with many novel and unforeseen situations. All events, programs, activities, and services were transferred online. With a primary focus to remove barriers with the aim to elevate student success for both undergraduate and graduate students, the Counseling and Disability Office provides services, programs, and activities consistent with the AUE mission. The Office continuously seeks to implement best practices and link its goals and objectives to the University’s goals and objectives.