American University in the Emirates Celebrates the Pink Month

Dubai, United Arab Emirates –  The American University in the Emirates celebrated the Breast Cancer Awareness month at the campus. The student affairs authority organized an awareness campaign to stress the importance of early detection and cure using the slogan ‘Wear Pink and Take care of yourself’.

The main objective of the campaign was to encourage women to continue self-examination and educate their families and friends about the importance of early detection. Early detection offers the chance for better treatment options and thus improves the chances of a successful outcome. The campaign also highlighted all the hospitals, clinics and medical fitness centers that are offering a free screening in line with the month.

The initiative by AUE saw the support of all the students, with creative activities, event ideas and all things pink! The students ensured that this important campaign was made fun and reached as many people as people; they organized healthy competitions, distributed fun prizes through games with pink themed foods and drinks. It was wonderful to see many members of the university wear pink and support the students in their drive.

Dr. Professor Muthanna Ghani Abdul Razzaq, President of the American University in the Emirates commented on the importance of the community coming together and raising awareness for such causes. “Such initiatives call for educating the widest and most important segment of the society, our women. But it is crucial for everyone to be aware about breast cancer. Men, whether brother, father, son, or husband – we all have a key role to play in supporting women in this cause.” he added.

AUE students also visited Zulekha Hospitals to participate in presenting the International Council of Women on breast cancer awareness. All members of the faculty and staff were given free consultations, mammograms and X-rays.

Being an educational institution with the responsibility of creating the future community, American University in the Emirates is dedicated to providing support and assistance to the students in order to support them in all areas of life, including health. Preventing the spread of any diseases through awareness is the first step to combat it, while certain lifestyle changes can lower the risk, AUE believes that the university’s initiatives and support will prove beneficial for young women and students.