AUE’s Fashion Designs Students Awarded in the International Fashion Week Dubai

The International Fashion Week Dubai ,2017, that took place in Sofitel The Palm Dubai was back this year with its 5th season better than ever. Hundreds of designers from Egypt, Poland, India, Pakistan and UAE including 30 students from the AUE’s Program of Fashion Design under the College of Design, presented their creative pieces to hundreds of attendees form the fashion industry.

The International Fashion Week Dubai aims each season to bring the top International designers from all over the world in one platform to showcase their designs, and to also give the opportunities to upcoming and young talented designers to prove their presence in the fashion industry, which was the case for AUE’s students who participated for the first time in this hub.

Fifteen different designs form fifteen AUE’s students were presented, in which three of those students were awarded on their designs; Rezvaneh Saffari for winning Best Young Fashion Designer, Daliah Bakhurji for winning Young Designer’s Competition1st Prize, and Sirin AlBaghada for Young Designer’s Competition 2nd prize. AUE’s Fashion Design instructor, Mrs. Shlagha Agarwal was also awarded for Best Fashion Design Educationalist, while the University won the 2017 Best Fashion Design Program award.

The International Fashion Week Dubai, was an excellent opportunity for all students, whether they participated with their work or volunteered in the backstage, and was a chance for great exposure for those young creative minds to prove themselves to the industry and compete in international platforms against the world’s top designers.

The selection of designs that were presented by AUE’s Fashion design students, reflected so many styles and themes. Each student had the chance to reflect their own ideas, style, emotions into their work to come up with a piece of art of their own.

The AUE’s fashion design program was created, not just educate, but to also encourage the innovations, and creativity of those who decided to be part of it, and assist them in taking their chances on an international scale. The IFWD on the other hand, was a podium for all students to share their hard work and emphasize that “Nothing is Impossible”.