The university’s fun event to create an opportunities for students to find their passion

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: American University in the Emirates held their 8th annual club fair in February 2020. The main goal of the club fair is to showcase various cultural and social interests of the students through student clubs while giving the students an opportunity to engage more and explore various interests through the university. This ensures that students are getting involved in campus and add to their university experience and help build a sense of community. The event took place on Monday, 3rd February from 1 pm to 3 pm and saw twenty two participating clubs. The event also had a second time slot, from 5 pm to 7 pm, so as to increase exposure to maximum number of students.

The AUE is one of the most anticipated events during the start of every year. It is an opportunity that the university advocates, to facilitate interactions between campus clubs, each promoting a unique field of interest. Students can  explore passions or find a new one, with no extra costs at all – this event is open to all students and free to attend.

Some clubs present were the AUE acting and performance club that focused on costume and role play, Debate club hosting a debate competition, Sustainability club that held experiments on the effects of waste, motivation and wellness club that hosted a fun darts competition. Other educational clubs included Yalla Finance club that panelled an interactive session on Investment, the AUE Art and Design Club exhibited their art gallery and the research club held a discussion on research.

Each of these clubs were headed by dedicated AUE professors who aim to introduce students to extracurricular opportunities offered by the university and make this event a memorable one, especially for freshmen students.

It is exciting to see students prepare and stay active members of the club. Studies and extracurricular activities need a balance and always the well-being of our students comes first.’ commented Dr.Muthanna Abdul Razzaq, President of AUE.

A fun vibe, cultural diversity and lots of different opinions shared, the club fair surely promotes a healthy student life and helps students focus on essential skills like teamwork,planning and organization.