Celebrating Global Day 2019 with famous singer Hatem Iraqi

17th March, United Arab Emirates – Dubai:  American University in the Emirates held the annual Global Day 2019. “Tolerance Festival” named by the university this year in line with the UAE’s decision to strengthen the nation’s role of encouraging stability and prosperity in the region. A two-day event which brought together both the Arab and International cultures in a fun event. With poetry, singing, painting, artwork and food, the event was highlighted by an exciting concert by the star Hatem Iraqi.

Professor Muthanna Ghani Abdul Razzaq, President of the American University in the UAE, said: ” Global day and similar activities are so important and helps bring about that love for cultures in the young minds. It is more than just a fun gathering, an entertainment outlet. It is us exchanging cultures and ideas, to grow together and instill the framework of team and cultural diversity in our students.”

“Although this event is held every year, but we are both pleased and pleasantly surprised at the creativity of our students who come up with better ideas every passing  year. This year we are so honored and eager to have welcomed singing sensation Hatem Iraqi who not only made the evening special with his voice by also brought a smile to the faces in the crowd.” He added.

Among the many students that participated in the Global Day (Tolerance Festival) agenda, Students Alia Al-Humeiri and Noor Khalid from the UAE pavilion expressed how the participation this year is unique and an intrinsic experience for them. The students mentioned that the idea of Tolerance adopted by the UAE is aimed at bringing into light traditions and heritage of the UAE too, as these traditions and culture is what guides us to be tolerant and cooperative. The girls had designed a white tree that allowed students and visitors to write their opinions and understanding of the word “tolerance”. Other students like Zainab Amr spoke about her participation in the Egypt pavilion, with the new idea of tolerance being implemented this year, gave a lot of scope of designing and bringing something new but with a deep meaning behind it. They designed T-shirts with the slogan “The Good People”. They went on to express their ideology behind the T-shirt. “Everyone really deserves to wear this T-shirt regardless of the different nationalities and religions and color of our skins. In the end, we are all good humans and have the same heart beating. We all have our families and our loved ones. Every nation has good people.”

The Festival of Tolerance represented many countries. The students participated to put up stalls from countries including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Sudan, Iraq, Pakistan and Uzbekistan.