AUE Students in Thailand Academy Phase III

The Temptation of Thai Textile
Indira and Mariam CFAD student in Dubai International Airport ready to take off.
AUE is participating in the Thai Fabric Workshop which is taking place by the Thailand Academy Project. Tuesday 14-04-2015 AUE Media students of MMC 208 Journalism class had a meeting with AUE Fine Art students who are participating in the Thai
Fabric Workshop. The students shared their experience in their felid talked and chatted about the trip in general and how this journey will be documented and published daily by AUE Media students. Both collages CFAD and CMMC showed their support in this entire project.
The AUE Media students will be updated from the Fine Art students there in Thailand daily so the news what the media students will publish totally hot breaking news of the event.
At 17-04-2015 08:30PM, AUE Fine Art students in Dubai International Airport ready for leaving from Dubai, the team are extremely excited and cheerful about the whole trip and looking forward to attend it.
One of skilled women in Queen Sirikit Museum of Textile
Afterwards, on 18-04-2015 5:50AM., AUE Fine Art students arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok. It’s a busy day for the students as they will rest for a while and get ready to do their first visit of their program in Thailand. The visit Queen Sirikit Museum of Textile, there they learned a lot of new ideas and information so definitely this visit is super effective for the team.
This is all for now, keep an eye on us for what’s next in AUE Thailand trip.