For a next generation Innovation Center, HPE Digital Life Garage

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 8th October: American University in the Emirates has signed a memorandum of understanding ‘MOU’ with American multinational information technology company, Hewlett Packard Middle East at the Gitex Technology Week (running from October 6th to 10th). The MOU was signed by Dr. Muthanna Abdul Razzaq, President of the American University in the Emirates and Wolfgang Egger representing the Hewlett Packard Middle East. The collaboration is to join hands for a next-generation innovation center called the HPE Digital Life Garage to be established by Hewlett Packard Middle East in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The university, founded in 2006, aims to play a vital role in securing the UAE’s mission to encourage Innovation and enhancing global competitiveness. With a motto that says “Nothing is impossible”, the university is keen to bring about awareness in regards to the importance of enhancing technology and innovation in building successful communities. With seven unique colleges like College of Business Administration, Law, Mass Communication, Information Technology, Fashion and Design, College of Global Securities and College of Education, this collaboration will just shine light on the potential opportunities for students, but it will help facilitate and focus on innovative solutions expected to positively impact life and society, based on digital innovation.

Dr.Muthanna expressed his delight with this association. “At AUE we want to be part of projects that are unique and allow our students and faculty to be involved in technology focused growth. We are committed to supporting our students’ goals to be one of the most innovative institutions in the UAE.”

“The UAE and it’s great leaders also lay the foundations for this by being a technology driven nation. We are so happy to be part of this one of a kind project the HPE Digital Life Garage and create bigger things that allow our students to grow while also giving back to the community.” he added.

With the presence of this Innovation Center, the American University in the Emirates along with Hewlett Packard wish to establish a revolutionary innovation center in Dubai, aiming to accelerate the development of the UAE’s innovation ecosystem and bring faster returns to the society, in alignment with Smart Nation and other national programs. The Center, HPE Digital Life Garage, will host collaboration activities that will involve UAE Government entities, local companies (start-ups and established businesses), research partners, other relevant players, along with HPE partners to identify opportunities for innovation and define and demonstrate prototypes and/or Proof of Value on selected cases.

The university will participate by supplying some resources that can support the operation of the Center and maximize its returns. The students and faculty will also be actively contributing to co-developing solutions and assist with building blocks to be used in the Center’s activities and potential projects, as a combination of each player’s capabilities

The Center will include amongst other things, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things, and Smart Cities. Advanced HPE’s and partners’ technologies will provide the enabling platforms, allowing UAE innovators to fully harness new technology and develop their capabilities.