Over 260 Students awarded in Spring 2020

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: The American University in the Emirates celebrated their honorary students from various undergraduate and graduate colleges in Spring 2020. The university that follows the motto, ‘Nothing is impossible’, is committed to recognising their students achievements and motivating them to keep striving towards achieving their goals, both academic and personal.

A total of 263 students from both undergraduate and graduate colleges were hosted and received appreciation and praises from the university for their continued efforts during the course of the academic year. A total of 58 graduate students and 205 undergraduate students received the awards.

The graduate student award categories were divided into two categories: 10 awardees for the leadership awards and 48 awardees for the academic excellence awards.

The honors ceremony also recognized academic excellence of undergraduate students who achieved the Dean’s List or President’s List based on their academic performance in the  Fall 2019 semester. A total of 123 students received the President’s award and 82 students received the Dean’s awards.

The Student honoring ceremony is held every semester to honor students who have maintained remarkable grades and  the event is aimed at celebrated students who work hard, and also demonstrate leadership skills.