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AUE & DIFC Courts sign Cooperation Agreement

Dubai - the American University in the Emirates
Date: October 2021

The American University in the Emirates (AUE) has signed a Cooperation Agreement with Dubai International Financial Centre Courts. This Agreement seeks to achieve collaboration between the two parties in order to promote mutual objectives and strategic goals within the University’s interest in graduating batches of students from the College of Law with the finest legal and judicial practices. AUE intends to gain experiences from the “Dubai International Financial Centre Courts,” a prominent legal entity in the United Arab Emirates and throughout the world.

Professor Muthanna Ghani Abdul Razzaq, President of the AUE, and His Excellency Judge Omar Al Muhairi, Director of the DIFC Courts, signed the Agreement in the presence of Professor William Cornwell, Senior Vice President of the AUE, Dr. Amer Ghassan Fakhoury, Dean of the College of Law, Judge Ali Al Madhani, Head of International Relations of Judicial Affairs in the DIFC Courts, Mrs. Amna Al Owais, Registrar General of the DIFC Courts, and Mr. Ahmed Al Kamali, Director of Government and International Relations and the Office of the Chief of Courts.

The AUE’s President, Professor Muthanna Ghani Abdul Razzaq, said that “this Agreement is consistent with AUE’s interest, through the College of Law, to prepare a future generation of students with a high level of competence and experience by qualifying and developing their capabilities. This will have an impact on their careers and the legal community as a whole.”

The parties agreed to consult, strengthen collaboration, and share information in a variety of areas of mutual interest. They also agreed to explore measures aimed at strengthening ties between the AUE and the DIFC Courts, as well as to reap as much benefit as possible from the Courts’ efforts in supporting training and legal development programs for the students of the AUE College of Law.

The Agreement seeks to strengthen the two parties’ legal and academic cooperation by holding joint legal and judicial seminars that contribute to the creation of an informed legal environment, as well as encouraging Court judges to host students and lecturers and support them by discussing previous cases, whether local or international. The two parties agreed to work together to encourage the AUE students to apply for secondment and training programs in the DIFC Courts.

The AUE’s President, Professor Muthanna Ghani Abdul Razzaq, affirmed that it was agreed to disseminate judicial culture, improve legal skills, and enrich information and conceptions regarding court procedures for the students of the AUE College of Law. “This would prepare the students for the legal field as a profession, allowing them to get expertise in legal and administrative processes recognized in the United Arab Emirates.” he added.

The Agreement also provides the finest legal applications for students by combining theoretical knowledge and practical experiences, as well as facilitating mock trial applications (for academic purposes). Students can also attend live sessions to learn about the best methods for litigation procedures and the nature of Court proceedings. This accomplishes the AUE’s aims of graduating a legal generation capable of dealing with legal challenges in collaboration with the DIFC Courts, as one of the most prestigious worldwide legal centres and bodies.

The Agreement states that the two parties must use their full capabilities to exchange statistics, publications, magazines, periodicals, laws, and executive regulations governing their public service activities, as well as coordinate to launch a joint or independent awareness initiative to inform users and the general public about both parties’ services.