Ambassador of Netherlands, His Excellency Jennes de Mol visits AUE

The American University in the Emirates (AUE) organized yet another seminar presentation by the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Netherlands, His Excellency Jennes de Mol on May 2nd, 2015. The Ambassador was welcomed by the Executive Vice President, Dean of CMMC, and Director of International Office along with other Deans, Directors and faculty members.
His Excellency shared his insights from his experience as an Ambassador, the challenges he faced and how he was able to deal with them. The highlight of this session was his conclusion stating 10 relevant things we ought to know in life.
  1. Know where you come from (who you represent),
  2. It’s all about the economy (economic focus makes a difference),
  3. Know your history (invest in knowledge about history),
  4. Master the fundamental and speak the truth,
  5. Invest in languages (Learn! Learn! Learn!),
  6. Stay ahead of the curve (look beyond faults and look ahead),
  7. It’s all about human relations, about liking each other or not,
  8. Do not think in terms of problems, think in terms of solutions (make things possible),
  9. Remain optimistic (look at things from a positive side), and
  10. Try to accept that you take some risks (a little bit of risks make things happen, be confident).
This very interactive seminar was attended by large number of students, faculty and staff members who applauded the Ambassador at the end and concluded with memento presentation.
“We all are very pleased to have His Excellency Jennes de Mol at AUE to share his wide experiences and professional journey with the students, that will indeed add value to all the students, and more specifically the students of Diplomacy and International Relations”, says the President of AUE, Prof Muthanna Abdul Razzaq.