A Love to Share with Special Needs Children

Collaboration between the American University in the Emirates and Al Noor Training Center
Working under the caption of “Give Love to Receive love” The American University in the Emirates chose to celebrate a post valentine celebration with the children of the Al Noor Training Center for Special Needs. The aim of this event was to highlight the importance of social acceptance and being responsive to the needs of the society.
Supported by the College of Education (CEDU) and facilitated by Guidance and Counseling Center and Peer Mentors, Al Noor Training center gave a talk on the depths of special needs and how AUE students as a member of the community can improve quality of life and promote equal opportunities and recognition in all walks of life. The event mainly focused on how a child with special needs can inspire you to become a special kind of person. After giving out an informative session about their work and how it’s been a success, the center promoted their activities by selling some of their famous baked goods and craft works that were prepared by their own students.
The part 2 of the “A Love to Share” activity is the visit of Psychology Students under College of Education and Peer Mentors in Al Noor Training Center located at Al Barsha Dubai during their Fun Day on March 6th, 2015, the place was packed with volunteers from different schools and different walks of life, they all attended with the purpose of sharing love to the community of special needs. Al Noor Center with their sponsors prepared different activities to raise fund. AUE students joined several activities such as playing memory games, raffle draw, buying their product and others to help the center raise their funds. AUE students who joined spent a meaningful weekend as they had opportunity to be with special children, they had fun and at the same time were able to help.